Sacred Dance Teacher Training by Susana Frioni
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Sacred Dance Teacher Training

A six month online Sacred Dance Facilitator Certification & Mentoring program.
Enrollment is closed

Become a Sacred Dance Facilitator and change women's lives, including your own.

For the past seven years, I’ve facilitated Sacred Dance in yoga studios, town halls, bespoke event spaces, outdoors, under a HUGE marquee and even in a Church. 

I've danced with over 2000 women across Australia, New Zealand, and Los Angeles in groups as large as 150 and as small as 6. We've danced for as short as 30 minutes and as long as two hours.

Most of the time, I’ve hosted my own events. Other times, I’ve been a guest teacher offering Sacred Dance at festivals, retreats, and masterminds. I’ve also collaborated with colleagues fusing Sacred Dance with their own brand of awesome.

In other words, I’ve tried it all and here’s what I’ve discovered: the possibilities with Sacred Dance are endless. That’s because you can use any music and map out any journey for any number of women whose lives you want impact. 

If this is something you want to be able to do, confidently and skillfully, then join me for my very first Sacred Dance Teacher Training starting November 2020.

So...what exactly is Sacred Dance?

Sacred Dance is an embodiment method combining music, movement and mindfulness to create an inner journey towards liberation and transformation. It’s designed specifically for women wanting to express and embrace all of who they are, be it in a group setting or as a personal practice. 

Sacred Dance is rooted in my training as a Deep Coaching Professional and fused with my teaching experience in yoga and group fitness; as well as it being my own personal practice.

This method has many powerful applications including, but not limited to:
  • Awakening sexual energy and sensual aliveness
  • Accessing the body's wisdom
  • Alchemising emotions into power
  • Unlocking and reclaiming desire 
  • Releasing physical, emotional and mental tension 
  • Creating new pleasure pathways in the body
  • Aligning with higher frequencies and more expanded states of being
"It's the most liberated I've felt in 10 years! Seriously, where else on earth can you make soul level discoveries while dancing your ass off to the best playlist?"
Kate, Melbourne
“That was phenomenal! It changed my being at a cellular level and ignited a blazing fire for me.” 
Melissa, Brisbane
“I felt like I had shed a skin and emerged a new woman: a woman empowered and ready to shine brighter in the world.”
Kylie, Brisbane

One Program, Two Pathways.

Whether you’ve experienced Sacred Dance with me or not, there are two pathways you can embark on when you enrol in the Teacher Training program.

Pathway 1: Professional Certification
If you want to be certified as a Sacred Dance Facilitator and teach your own Sacred Dance classes, then this pathway is for you. You’ll be required to have a high level of attendance, complete all the assessments and log a minimum number of practice hours. Once you’re successfully certified, not only will you be one the first Sacred Dance Facilitators to be certified, you'll also qualify for additional mentoring and advanced training opportunities.

Pathway 2: Personal Development
If you prefer to explore Sacred Dance for your own personal development and growth, then this pathway is for you. You’ll receive the exact same training and level of support as those on the professional development pathway, but without needing to show evidence of your competency (in other words, no assessments for you!).

Side note: When I enrolled in my yoga teacher training back in 2010, it was strictly for my own personal development. In fact, I had never tried a yoga class before doing the training. Six months later I was teaching yoga. In other words, don’t rule anything out. 

100% online so you can join from anywhere in the world.

For six months, you’ll be part of an online, interactive and supportive container where you'll receive the training and mentorship needed to confidently and skillfully create and facilitate your own Sacred Dance experiences. Here’s how it’ll work...

Live Workshops

We’ll come together every two weeks for a live workshop via Zoom. These workshops are designed for engaged learning and include a lecture, breakout sessions, group inquiry, and debriefs. 

Group Practice

You’ll also participate in your choice of weekly or fortnightly group practice sessions. These sessions will include guided processes, group activations, peer-to-peer practice and Q&A’s. 

Training Materials

All training materials and resources such as digital workbooks, playlists, exercises and call recordings will be made available online in the student portal


The Sacred Dance Teacher training consists of four core modules with each module building on the next over a six month period.

Here's an overview of what you'll learn in each of the modules:

Module 1: The Fundamentals

The very heart of this training begins with understanding the essence of Sacred Dance. During the first eight weeks, you’ll learn the principles of Sacred Dance and the embodiment method that will have you listening deeply, feeling fully and dancing freely. You’ll also learn how to effectively use music, movement and mindfulness as it applies to Sacred Dance. By the end of this module, you'll have a killer library of categorised music, a personal Sacred Dance practice, and a toolkit of movement and mindfulness exercises that you can weave into your own classes. 

This 8-week module includes:
  • 4 x 3hr workshops
  • 8 x 1hr group practice sessions
  • Library of movement & mindfulness exercises
  • Digital workbook

Module 2: The Framework

In this module, you'll explore the creative process of curating Sacred Dance experiences and learn my framework for mapping out a transformational journey - musically, physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. On a personal level, you'll also build your capacity for greater presence, and learn how to access multiple sources of intelligence available within the body. By the end of this module, you'll have curated a personalised playlist and 60 minute Sacred Dance journey.

This 8-week module includes:
  • 4 x 3hr workshops
  • 8 x 1hr group practice sessions
  • Digital workbook & class format templates 
  • Examples of past Sacred Dance journeys & playlists

Module 3: The Facilitation

Curating an amazing playlist and mapping out an awesome Sacred Dance journey is one thing; delivery it so your participants are deeply moved and transformed is another. In this module, you’ll learn the art of facilitating so you can deliver powerful and transformational Sacred Dance experiences with the confidence and skill required. We’ll explore topics such as class management, creating sacred and safe spaces, coaching and cueing, establishing trust and safety, building rapport and connection, using your voice and body, energy management and so much more. 

This 4-week module includes:
  • 2 x 3hr workshops
  • 4 x 1hr group practice sessions, including peer-to-peer practice 
  • Digital workbook & scripting sheets

Module 4: The Formalities

In this final week of the training, we'll explore what it takes to be a successful Sacred Dance Facilitator. We'll discuss how to teach your first class, scope of practice, code of ethics, insurance requirements and any other nitty gritty things you need to know so feel confident to lead, teach and inspire others.   

This 1-week module includes:
  • 1 x 3hr workshops
  • 1 x 1hr Q&A session
  • Online resources

Plus, an optional Sacred Dance Retreat, 9-12 April 2021*

The best experiences happen in person, especially when it comes to Sacred Dance. This 4 day retreat in South East Queensland will be your opportunity to experience Sacred Dance live with me, practice teaching to some real humans, receive immediate feedback and have a damn good time!

*Retreat costs not included with Teacher Training tuition fees.

The Schedule

The first intake for the Sacred Dance Teacher Training runs from November 11, 2020 to May 2, 2021.

Live Workshops are scheduled on the weekend from 10am-1pm AEST*. These calls will be recorded.

  • November 8 & 22, 2020
  • December 6 & 20, 2020
  • January 17 & 31, 2021
  • February 14 & 28, 2021
  • March 14 & 28, 2021
  • April 18, 2021
  • May 2, 2021

Group practice sessions will be scheduled during the week. A morning and evening session will be allocated to ensure you can participate no matter your timezone. Please note, these sessions will not be recorded.

*Times are subject to change once final class numbers have been finalised as we intend to accommodate as many timezones as required.  

About the Founder, Susana Frioni

Hello! I'm Susana Frioni, the creator of Sacred Dance and for the past two decades, I've been taking people higher and deeper than they've ever gone before; first as a fitness instructor, then as a yoga teacher, now as a Sacred Dance Facilitator and Deep Coaching Professional.

Bringing women to life on the dance floor and seeing them remember how powerful, radiant and liberated they already are is one of the best feelings in the world. Through this Teacher Training, my desire is to partner with women who want to be making that kind of impact in the world. 

I'm also the creator of LOVE SEX DESIRE, a podcast show downloaded in over 190 countries featuring world-renowned experts, and the best of everything I'm personally living and learning.

You can find me living off-grid on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, with my 14yr old daughter, partner and blue cattle dog.
“Thoughtful, vibrant, funny, and smart. You’re a force of good in the world, particularly for the women who listen to you.” 
Terry Real, Founder of the Relational Institute
“Susana holds a space that is at once nurturing, but also revealing – and it’s powerful beyond measure.”
Julie Parker, Founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Have questions?

See below for a list of recently asked questions. If you have a different question or simply require more information, please email or use the messaging box in the bottom right hand corner and we'll respond within 48hrs, Monday - Friday. 

Recently Asked Questions

How does the payment plan option work?

When you enrol, you'll be charged immediately with your first instalment. The remaining five instalments will be charged monthly until all six payments have been received.

What are the required time commitments?

You'll need to dedicate 4-5 hours every two weeks for the live workshops and group practice sessions. Plus, however many hours you choose to devote to your own personal practice and study. 

What are the certification requirements?

After you’ve completed the training, you'll have up to six months to submit your assessments. More information will be provided during your training.